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Our Story

From above Lime and Salt happened to us.  A divine answer to a lifelong dream for one and an opportunity to take a risk and build something for another.  And somehow woven together to challenge & learn from each other they dreamt and built.  Out of a place that was so dear to so many of us and so familiar that it was as if walking through your own front door came this gift of opportunity.  We hold the memories too. 

We are a vibrant bunch when together. We love good food.  We are family.  We are locals.  Odenton born and bred. We had the privilege of a Mexican joining our family and enlightening our infatuation with true Mexican food.  We are fortunate that we come from homes where love was served in a home cooked meal and shared at the table together.

We want to share that love of fresh made food and our love affair with Mexico's beautiful culinary methods with our guests who we so humbly & graciously welcome.  We want you to sit at our table with your family & friends and enjoy the wonders of Mexico's flavors.

We are family and that is everything to us.  So even when our vibrancy crosses the border and we don't see eye to eye we always come together at the table.  


Salud Amigos & with much love,

the Holmes & Flores families

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